Ways to master Attraction Marketing to grow leads
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Ways to master Attraction Marketing to grow leads 

A wide variety of marketing types are available including online marketing, influencer marketing, network marketing, and many more.  

One such type of marketing which has recently become drastically popular is Attraction Marketing. Its increasing popularity is helping attain more leads and that too in real-time. 

It is valuable because it provides free content to the company’s perspective leads. The attraction strategy functions on the idea of subtly getting people’s attention and not letting them know it until they take action. This strategy pulls people unconsciously toward the company and gets them converted.  

The Attraction Marketing strategy implies that you provide information about your products to help customers make the right decision. You begin attracting potential customers by bringing out things in the marketplace. 

Attraction Marketing- Hubspot 

Hubspot is a perfect example of Attraction Marketing because it is home to informative and knowledgeable content related to Inbound Marketing. 

It also gives you access to various tools used in Email Marketing and CRM, both of which are fast selling among the people. 

First-time visitors to the website might not buy anything from Hubspot but they will surely get a value addition in terms of informative content. As a result, whenever they decide to purchase any marketing tool, they will be reminded of Hubspot and the content they read on it. There will be more chances that they will purchase the marketing tool from Hubspot only. 

The core value of Attraction Marketing is that people today want to know a product’s working process, performance, and value before purchasing it. 

Let’s take an example of a Home Depot (Home Supply Company) based in the U.S. It uses a weekly engagement strategy and teaches its customers about the working of equipment every week. 

Next comes the trigger mechanism that compels the users who’ve taken the weekly classes, to buy products immediately to test whatever they’ve learned through the classes. 

Attraction Marketing, if used correctly, can lead to more conversions and lead generations. 

The art of mastering Attraction Marketing 

Attraction Marketing primarily works on the principle of first informing people about the product’s value, goodness, and also its uniqueness so that they understand why the product is desirable. It is only after this step that you should suggest them for making a purchase. 

If you experience being sold Barbeque Chicken samples at a mall, you’d want to buy them without actually being told to buy them. 

You can use the following steps to master the art of Attraction Marketing: 

Making information available about the product 

It is crucial to use Attraction Marketing by letting customers know about your product not just in general terms but the actual value of your product. You will be able to make them learn about your product through the information you spread about the product. Specify all the key factors that make your product unique and how they can be used by consumers to reduce their pain points. 

Focus on gaining trust 

You must put across genuine promises and messages about your product or service so that it helps you gain their trust. People tend to spend on things only when they trust entirely a product or service. You should appear trustworthy and reliable. 

Prove your authenticity 

If your business or brand delivers what it promises, you will be able to prove your authenticity. Customers pay for authentic brands without thinking much. You can take examples of Apple, Amazon, and Adidas.  

Respond and actively socialize 

Social media plays a significant role in Attraction Marketing. The point is to remain consistent in engaging with your customers and this will only happen if you regularly respond to stuff on social media.  

Providing valuable insights 

Give valuable insights to your customers based on which direction the market is heading, or the next big disruption in the industry in the coming future. 

Once you prove your marketing expertise before potential customers, you will gain their loyalty forever. 

Generating good quality content  

Customers will be able to know about your product and its value through a wide variety of content such as blogs (long form), creative banner images, videos, and infographics. Attraction Marketing will provide increased visibility by displaying various content forms and also renewing the existing content. You should emphasize what educates and informs people because that is what interests them. 


Attraction Marketing is meant to enhance your sales and improve engagement by spreading awareness and information about your product and understanding the product value through trusted mediums. 

On the whole, Attraction Marketing requires you to prioritize customers’ interests and needs. You should purely intend to solve the problems of your customers and provide them with genuine solutions without any other hidden motives. 

You can work on business needs and profit once you convince your customers about the product. 

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