Digitally driven business is the leap towards the greater market capture for any business

NordicDrizit-Innovation is always the beginning, not the end.

Choose from our wide range of IT solutions and add wings to your business


Next-gen corporate banking services like credit card and payment management systems, cash management, risk management and core banking services.


Retail services for digital transformation, visual merchandising and supporting services for a customer-centric brand experience.


IT services tailored to your needs of product management, testing, modelling optimization, business analytics and process excellence.


ITeS finds its application is telemarketing, helpdesks, customer support centres, data warehouses, transcription centres, transport tracking and electronic distribution.

Logistic and Hospitality

A huge range of services from digitalization and software development, content management systems, for business solutions.

Health Care

Nordic Drizit can provide you with the best healthcare IT solutions that have efficient private and secure, and data management.

Nordic empowers the customers where solutions are not available right at the outset

Technologies that are bigger, complex, and technically challenging to be driven usually take a setback position due to their nature of complexity. Nordic empowers the customers where solutions are not available right at the outset.

Digital Workplace

It’s about employee experience and business driven Workplace. Freedom is not only about anytime anywhere access but also about inculcation of the most secure yet most efficient ways.

Data Analytics & AI

You got data then let your Data speak and tell you how the Business should be. Let algorithms be the differentiators.

Cyber Security

The best of the data, programs, network or systems require the most sophisticated security approach to be proactive, preventive and absolutely rock solid on grounds on any attacks.


Efficient software development as a service for our customers to move away from Legacy to the modern application platform or maintaining the existing applications with the highly efficient teams.

Digital Marketing

Our customers stay ahead in the market with the ever evolving social-media and tools for digital marketing. Capture the market ahead of time with the right digital marketing strategy.

IT Consulting Services

Where our customer needs are met by the most defined solutions and technical strategies driven via our mature consulting services.

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