Nordic Drizit Tech is always thoughtful of your personal information, data that you give and that is collected through various services. It is important that the information not be stored for any longer than it is necessary to give you the best services possible. The Nordic Drizit Tech team also ensures that you have as much control as possible over what information can be publicly shared and what is to be kept private. You can also control how the information is used by search engines and when it is deleted. The company aims at being transparent about how the information is gathered, how it is used and how it is shared. 

Information That Is Collected

The main reason the information is collected is for providing services to you in a proper manner, to be able to communicate with you and to make the services provided as good as possible. Information is gathered from 3 main sources, when you provide the information, information is automatically gathered by the usage of the services or from an outside source. 

Information You Provide

  • Basic Account Information:

This is the information submitted while setting up the account. This can include your email address, password, username. Some accounts can also require you to mention your address or your name as well. Some information is mandatory while some may be left to you to provide or not. 

  • Public Profile Information:

An account will have some information that is for the public profile, which is provided by the user and collected. This can be the username that will be displayed on your profile and is publically available. This can also be the photo you provide for your profile or the information to be in an “About me” section. Since this information is public, you are the one who decides what you want it to say and what should be included. 

  • Payment And Contact Information:

If you make a purchase or earn an income from your site, the information given during the payment process is collected. The purchase also includes buying an account, making a subscription, a premium or even a customized domain. This can be information about your credit card, your contact and name. The purchase is recorded and collected. 

  • Business Profile:

Some products need to be provided information to be accessed. This can be your name, details about your employer, your job title and what your role in the corporation is and your contact information and history of contact with the team. It can also be information regarding your location or time zone. 

  • Content Information: 

This refers to a blog post or draft that contains the information that you submit, and can also include comments, media or files that have your information. 

  • Credentials: 

This depends on the service you are utilizing. This can be information about your website that is self-hosted or credentials that help provide quicker troubleshoot services. 

  • Communications: 

This is information that may be relayed in surveys and other responses regarding support, or questions or answers posted in the public forums. 

  • Job Applicant Information: 

If you apply for a job at Nordic Drizit Tech, you provide your information on the resume, which has your name and contact information. It can also be your work authorization. 

Information That Is Collected Automatically

  • Log Information: 

This is the information that becomes available via the browser, the device you use and the servers. This is information about the browser you are using, IP address, device the identifier, date, time language, the operating system etc. 

  • Usage Information: 

This is the information regarding the usage of the services provided. It contains actions you may take on a site, your user platform, information regarding your online stores such as orders and customers. This helps make services better and predict what users want and how to deliver them to them better. 

  • Location Information: 

This is the approximate information about where your device is located.  This helps determine how many people from a particular geographical location are using services. Information regarding your previous location can also be collected through various apps on your phone, but this needs to be permitted by the operating system of your device. 

  • Stored Information: 

This is the information that is stored on your device under various apps. This can only be accessed with the permission of the operating system. 

  • Interactions With Other Users’ Sites: 

This is information about any interaction you have with a website that is also a user of the same company, likes, comments or recommendations. This information is used to help make better recommendations to you regarding the content you may be interested in. 

  • Information From Cookies 

Cookies are used by websites to store information regarding the computer of the user and the information that is provided by the browser when someone visits the site. This will keep track of the usage and preferences of services. This will help design marketing campaigns that benefit users and are effective. 

Information Collected from Other Sources

Information about users can also be gathered through several different sources. If you create an account through this service, or if you connect or sync an account with another service, information is sent to the company and stored. This can be basic information about your account, your username, profile information, friend list, email or even phone number. What information is sent to the company will depend on what service you use, what Authorization you give or what options are available to you. 

Email information about the email addresses of people who are not users can also be gained through third-party sources. This information is utilized in marketing campaigns, postcard campaigns and other advertising purposes. 

How Is The Gathered Information Used

  • To Provide Our Services

The information is used to help setting up your account, for hosting your website, for backup and restoration services, for better customer care and processing of orders and payments. 

  • To Improve Our Services:

This can be about what needs to be upgraded, how upgrades can be provided automatically, how the new versions can be made better. The information is used to determine what features will be useful to users and make their experience better. It is also used to determine how the services can be more efficient and easy to use. 

  • To Manage Advertising Programs:

The information is used to determine how best to use ads, which sites are best suited for the campaigns, how to better the performance of an ad campaign etc. 

  • To Improve The Effectiveness Of Marketing:

To measure how effective the marketing of the services is, the data collected is used. It also helps to gauge the performance and improve its effectiveness. This will help better target the audience with customized messages from a group of users with similar time zones, preferences, or language. It also helps in understanding the users and helps in their retention. 

  • To Protect Services, Users And The Public:

The information will help detect any breaches in security and help protect users against malicious attacks, deception, frauds or illegal activities to the best of their ability. This will also help detect spam and check legal obligations so users can decline a transaction or terminate a service. 

  • To Fix Problems:

The information will help to monitor and predict any problems, thus helping in the debugging process, repair and the prevention of issues arising. 

  • To Customize User Experience:

This means that the information is used to send you notifications that you will find relevant, and advertisements and recommendations to suit your needs and preferences. 

  • To Communicate With You:

This means contacting you via email to understand your feedback, to send you tips about products or just to keep you updated. This also includes texts or calls to verify a transaction, to inform you about offers and sales that you may be interested in. You always have the option to opt-out of such communication if you wish to. 

The cookies used by Nordicdrizittech can only be accessed by Nordicdrizittech and specific third parties in order to provide better and more efficient services. For targeting and advertising, we use cookies to collect information so that only relevant content is displayed. We also use cookies in different target groups to show pertinent advertising both on and off our website. As per the applicable laws, we may link the data received from the cookies with other information obtained regarding you from other legal sources, i.e., data about the use of services, online accounts, loyalty programs, etc.

How Long The Information Is Kept

The information is permanently deleted when it is no longer necessary to keep it, that is after it has served the purpose for which it was collected. All storage and collection of information are done keeping the privacy of sees in mind and compliance with the updated laws. 

Your web server lug is collected when you visit a website, which has IP address, browser information and operating system information. This is deleted after 30 days. This information helps analyze traffic and detect issues that may come up. 

A deleted post, page or comment is also stored in a trash folder. This makes it easier to restore if you decide to restore the content that begins the process from the first step. The information is stored for upto 30 days after which the trash folder is emptied. It may remain in the cache or backup server after that until it is purged.


Nothing can be completely secured online, but Nordic Drizit Tech tries to be as close to 100% as possible. Your information is kept safe from being accessed without authorization, usage, change or deletion without your permission. Potential attacks are detected and any vulnerabilities fixed.