Retail and Corporate Banking is a  division of a bank that deals with retail customers directly and corporate banking is a division of the banking industry that deals with those customers who are related to the corporate sectors.  Retail banking is a visible phase for the general public with bank branches located in huge numbers almost in every big or small city. Corporate banking directly deals with businesses such as providing loans to big firms.  Providing credits,  opening their savings accounts, checking their accounts which are specially created for companies. 

  • In Retail banking customers are deposited their money that enables the banks to provide loans to retail and corporate customers.
  • Corporate banking is the aspect of banking that directly deals with corporate customers, providing loans to them that helps businesses of corporate to grow and hire labourers and provide employment to people which contributes to the growth of the economy.

Digital Disruptions

At the fundamental level, a digital disruption calls for change and adaptation. The companies can evolve to accommodate digital disruptions caused by the rapid increase in technological solutions being made available in almost all industries and their aspects. Banking and finance is not exempted from this rule. This industry has seen massive effects of digital disruptions. 

The banking industries and finance based corporations have to undergo constant metamorphosis to their foolproof business models to accommodate for digital disruptions. These will bring about changes in payment methods, lending and crediting, settlements as well as other aspects of the financing sector. 

For effective transition, banking industries can partner with companies that provide financial technology solutions such as Nordic Drizit or develop they can formulate their own solutions in-house. We have listed some methods that are generally used. 

FinTech or Financial Technology.

It is the joining of finance and technology and this joining provides us with new innovative solutions and new businesses and startups which have specialisation in it. These innovative solutions are directing in creating the modern and new types of businesses presently. They provide their customers with the given solutions. 

  • Banking facilities at their Conveniences and proper and accurate information about transactions.
  • Providing mobile banking facilities for smaller transactions. This facility reduces the botheration of a person to visit a bank for small transactions. 
  • Providing technical solutions and sources to the corporates and also providing financial advice to their customers and fulfil their requirements.   

Financial Technology has reported higher returns and is made popular. I’ve traditional banking methods due to its ability to use high-level technology and completely focus its power on business. 

Digital Banking

Digital consulting and banking provides different solutions to make transactions such as wallets systems and payment apps which are very popular ways to join customers with the finance industry. If you want to do promotion of your industry across the globe. You can achieve it through marketing, sales and community engagement. Using social networking and digital platforms are a necessity nowadays. You can do it through automated solutions and software-based systems. Digital banking can keep you ahead of your business competition. 


Cryptocurrency is well-known for its speed and low-cost maintenance. Blockchain technology provides facilities to financial Industries to have rigid control on their data and to do smart and easy transactions. 

This tech has had its share of scepticism involving security and transitions. However, once implemented, they quickly see that it is in fact more effective and secure as well as cost-effective. Blockchain and cryptocurrency is estimated to create savings worth $27 billion by 2030 in settlement transactions. 

Blockchain can be used for  detecting any fraud that occurred in transfer between banks, also provide important means for loan processing and it can also help effectively to detect and stop money laundering

AI and Machine Learning

The most famous example of Artificial Intelligence are chatbots which are used mostly in all the sectors of finance. They are capable of providing greater customer services effectively because they are created to resolve and respond to the queries and problems of a customer which they are facing while using online digital platforms. 

Machine learning and cloud computing are very important factors used along with Artificial Intelligence which can help in the financial sector to find the solutions to their business requirements.  

The most important benefit of Artificial Intelligence is, it is capable of providing better services to customers, such as it can deliver the products faster, help in risk management and a huge compliance. Machine learning and cloud computing in artificial intelligence has mostly algorithms and numeric based systems and they can help to lessen the errors in transactions. 

We can use this ever-growing technology in a better way and keep moving with the advancements in technology advancement. All financial Industries and banking sectors are prioritizing adopting digital solutions. These digital solutions can be designed in-house but your staff members can use them effectively in the Industries. 

It is good to have a  partnership with companies and technology firms that have specialisation in offering their services in Providing financial technology solutions such as Nordic Drizit Tech. Taking help from such firms can save you precious time as well as cost also. you will be able to get the best solution for your requirements from the best professionals in the industry.