Digital Workplace Services and Benefits to Your Business.

The idea of a digital workplace is fairly new, but it has gained so much popularity that it is now at the forefront of a lot of project ideas. A Digital Workplace Services is called by many, the natural evolvement and betterment of a workplace. It has under it, all the technical tools employees and staff of business use for their work. These range from human resource applications, business applications to everyday technologies like email, messages, social media marketing services and its platforms, internet and intranet, as well as various portals. 

Nordic Drizit Tech understands that the definition of a digital workplace must avoid the confines of present-day technologies. It is a holistic collection of various platforms and tools that are used in various work environments that are compatible with each other to give you a usable system that is productive. It means the focus of the digital workplace is on the consumers as well as the employees that use the system every day. A digital workplace that’s best for you, is tailored to your needs specifically. 

The main concept of a Digital Workplace Services is the virtual replacement of an office in a physical location. The aim is to have a single platform that will integrate all the most important applications of business, including information and the various processes. The aim of the integrated platform is to collaborate on many important principles of digital transformation. It also has the capability to serve as a central location where all the employees of a business can gain access to the business applications they use. This means it will become possible for employees to work from wherever they are located with the implementation of a digital workplace. 

This results in a free flow of important and pertinent information. Employees gain the capability to be more flexible which in turn improves productivity. Employee satisfaction also increases along with employee involvement because the right information and resources are made available to them at the right time. Nowadays, a workplace cannot be limited to one physical location that is occupied by employees only during work hours. It has to include a digital workplace aspect so the employees have instant access to whatever information they need. There is no line barring the physical location of the office and the place where it actually happens with the implementation of a Digital Workplace Services. 

The managers and the workforce are in better and more effective communication and collaboration with the help of a digital workplace. One of the main benefits of having a Digital Workplace Services is the combination of business relations that go beyond workgroups in the physical space thus enabling knowledge sharing throughout the organization. The changing times have made many organizations of business or government nature adopt a digital workplace and implement strategies using it. The digital workplace has enabled organizations to dissolve barriers in communication thus changing the experience the employees have at work promoting efficiency and productivity and boosting growth in innovation.

Trends In Digital Workplace Transformations

Some trends in the past decade have been able to successfully drive the need for a digital workplace today. 

  • The workforce is ageing. As the older generation retires, they also take with them a large load of knowledge and experience. This knowledge gained over many years is critical and crucial for establishing the foundation of today’s workforce.
  • There is an overload of information. The term commonly used is big data. Because of so much information available, many times it becomes difficult to find what is necessary and fishing out important bits of data from background noise quickly can prove to be a challenge. 
  • Since the transition from low speed to high-speed internet availability, there has been a need for speed, for the work to be done at a faster pace. Employees need to meet these requirements but be effective at the same time, do a good job and do it in time. Intranet connectivity has made this one step easier, digital workplace takes it all the way. 

Many businesses and employers today are finding it tedious to manage a workforce that has employees of more than one generation. Usage of technology and dependency on them is growing steadily and making work more fast-paced. There is also a need to increase productivity and cut costs at the same time. This requires a digital transformation. Digital workplace once implemented can shift your focus to efficiency and work as one effective unit. 

Why Adopt A Digital Workplace Services

  • A cultural change has been witnessed by many businesses since adopting newer and better tools of communication. At first, clients tend to look at them like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social media platforms. They are useful due to their reliability as well as features that allow microblogging. Soon they come to be recognized as enterprise social networks because of their usefulness. 
  • Collaborations of a social nature are essential to connect your business to other organizations. Large as well as medium-sized businesses are implementing social networking in one form or another to enable their staff and employees to communicate and connect better and faster. This can be achieved through a single software tool or another tool that is one part of a large system or intranet. 
  • The use of videos for real-time communications has gained popularity and possibility due to the increased speed internet becoming readily available. It has become famous to the point that it is very important and essential for businesses. Communications about your products or services through videos that are expertly made and edited is a vital tool to increase audience engagement with your product and to be more productive and efficient. Videos can be used for marketing purposes, to train employees as well as for management of products. 
  • With the widespread use and availability of various Information Technology-based tools, employees of a business are going to bring their own devices to the office and make use of them for business and work-related activities. This is encouraged in many businesses and many employees are feeling empowered to be able to use their own devices but within certain regulations. This means the need for more security but regulations and policies can be put in place to ensure employees understand what they need to avoid in order to protect against security leaks and breaches. 
  • The popular use of personal smart devices by almost all employees provides evidence that purchase is being made, people are shopping, using banks, their education and communication means more and more. These are also used to set boundaries in communication through online meetings, training through videos, learning online etc. 
  • Many devices come in a form that is comfortable to wear on your person. This is the biggest trend today. The market for wearable smart devices is growing in popularity. This is soon going to find its way into your place of business. It is expected that more such wearable technology will become usable in businesses. Many businesses have begun the use of such devices to track the safety of their employees. Control their access to company resources, and keep a record of their health and wellbeing. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are predicted to become the most common type of wearables in future workplaces. These can be expertly used to collaborate as well as for security purposes apart from gathering data in real-time that can be used to make smart business decisions. 

The Digital Workplace Services becomes extremely important nowadays because it can reduce your business’s dependence on the physical location of your office. This means that without physical boundaries, you can implement productive changes to how your employees work and how solutions can be reached by peers more efficiently. 

Digital Workplace Benefits to Your Business. 

Innovative Office Culture

A digital workplace promotes collaborations to become a part of the office culture. The employees have all the tools made available to them that they need for communication and coordination with their team members. This takes care that your business has a collaborative office culture. With the help of smart, reliable and effective tools of communication, you are also able to cut down on the time it takes to complete a meeting and this makes more time available to your staff for ideation and innovation. 

Transparent Working Environment

A digital workplace ensures a transparent working environment. This means that it is easier for employees to track and keep a record of the status of a task or an ongoing project. Hence there are fewer emails asking for the status or updates of the work between employees. With the entire team and staff on the same page with regards to information, it makes it easier for them to focus on shared business goals as well as the goals of the organization as a whole. 

Save Time, Save Money

With the usage of the correct technological and digital tools, you can save up time on repetitive tasks by automating them. This makes the work-life of your employees easy which leads to a growth in productivity. Also, the employees can utilize this extra time created due to the automation of repetitive tasks for problem-solving, ideation and innovation. 

Better Collaborations

With all the data and information available to the employees through online access from any mobile device and any location, your employees gain the opportunity to work remotely. Some may want to work remotely for a part of the time and some may want to adopt the remote work culture for the rest of their careers. That’s your chance to give them that ability. What this means for your business is that the implementation of a digital workplace with the help of Nordic Drizit will lead to increased employee satisfaction, leading to retainment of talent as well as attract more talented people to work for you. 

Increased Efficiency

With an efficient workforce, that has increased productivity and efficiency, customers of your business get to experience the best version of your talented employees and sophisticated technology. This means a better customer experience and greater customer satisfaction. These customers are more likely to become your repeat customers as well as advocates of your business by sharing their positive reviews with others. 


The digital workplace is cost-effective. Even if you have your team globally distributed, you save costs. Hence, there are more available funds at your disposal to invest elsewhere. You can invest in launching a new product or a service. You can use these available funds in expanding your business and with a smart strategy, even increase revenues. 

Employee Satisfaction

A digital workplace will lead to a better employee experience from the beginning. There are many options available to create as well as customize channels and pathways which employees can use to interact and collaborate. Not just software, a digital workplace will lead to unity in employees and enhance their ability to perform as their best selves with as few obstacles and roadblocks as possible. 

Deal Better With Changes

The digital workplace has the biggest advantage of being able to function and run even when resources in the physical workplace are moved or conditions change in the office. It gives your business a degree of freedom and gives the employees the responsibility that many talented candidates cannot resist. The employees will begin to work with a greater sense of responsibility and loyalty towards the business. 

Enhance Agility

Taking up the least amount of time as possible, a digital workplace will enhance the agility of your workplace. A digital workplace is designed in such a way that it makes developing, enhancing, as well as sustaining the agile workplace easy. How a digital workplace works are that it will not force the concept of an agile workplace on your employees. Instead, the transition into it will be smooth and hassle-free. 

With the help of Nordic Drizit Tech and their Digital Workplace Services, your company culture and workplace culture will be happier, job satisfaction will lead to engaged employees, flexibility work perks will reduce absenteeism, increase autonomy and accountability of every employee and positive work environment and happy employees will ensure employee retention and competitive advantage.