Knowing about Quora- practical techniques for marketers
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Knowing about Quora- practical techniques for marketers 

Nowadays, the internet is filled with stuff for users to indulge in useful or entertaining activities. This practice allows brands and businesses to engage with their potential customers.  

Quora is a helpful place that helps communities to interact based on a question-and-answer format.  

Now let’s dive deeper into Quora as a tool for marketers. 

Role of Quora in a marketer’s life 

Quora has a lot to provide to its users. Be it content ideas or content creation, Quora has a vast scope. 

What is Quora all about? 

Quora is a widely-used platform that allows people to ask questions on any topic. The question topic could be something related to technical SEO or entertainment, such as sports, Cricket, Football, etc. The subject of your question isn’t restricted. 

Quora isn’t simply about questions and answers but it can also provide you with the following: 

  • You will have the opportunity to ask a question from a specific set of Quora users. 
  • Just like you publish content on LinkedIn, you can also publish content on Quora. 
  • You can use Quora to find the answers to questions related to your topic of interest. 
  • You can follow specific topics or questions and get notified with the latest questions on those topics. 
  • You might make use of credits to make your questions popular among people. 

Quora- a useful place for marketers 

According to official reports, Quora is used by 775,000 individuals every month in the U.S. The U.S audience falls under the category of well-read and curious individuals trying to gain more insight. 

Research shows that Quora is worthy of using due to several reasons; they are as follows: 

  • You can become a part of over 700,000 visitors per month and acquire knowledge through the information they share on the platform. 
  • You can become an expert on a chosen subject and exercise your authority for the same. 
  • You will access information from a wider group of people and scope for learning from industry experts, users, and customers. 
  • When a user posts a question related to your product or service, you can answer those questions effectively through Quora. 
  • You will also get insight into the types of questions people to about your product or service. You will have an idea of your product or service’s image. 

Quora does provide you with information related to your ROI. Still, it significantly helps you spread awareness and knowledge to all the curious souls or those who genuinely require an answer to their questions. 

Top-12 Quora marketing strategies  

You can utilize Quora to the best of its potential with the following topmost tips for marketing strategies: 

Create a valuable and favorable Quora profile 

A Quora user will have the opportunity to showcase their brand through Bio that is visible at the top to anybody. Your bio will be partially visible to others whenever you post an answer. You can utilize this space within the first fifty characters by writing the brand name in the initial part. When your full Bio opens, it can be clicked by the user, and you might also mention users tagging them. 

Your Bio must relate to specific topics about social media or technical expertise, depending on what types of questions you are answering  

To write a bio related to a specific topic, you need to open your profile page and click on the right for the option “Know about”. You must click on the “Describe your experience” link associated with the topics.  

Once you set up the Bio concerning a specific topic, you will need to: 

  • You will need to incorporate more details in ‘About Me. 
  •  Mention those areas of expertise and your interests. 
  • Mention your schools, colleges, and cities. 
  • Mention your previous companies. 
  • Also, sync with any other social media accounts you might have. 

When you pay to heed to using these tips, you effortlessly engage with customers. Individuals searching for something related to your brand or business will get their answers through Quora. 

Being a newcomer on Quora, you can also use upvotes that are visible on a public profile. Providing an upvote implies that you are actively using Quora. 

Know about topics through notifications 

Quora can let you access the search box with exciting topics; you need to follow the topics that interest you and get more suggestions with similar topics. You will even receive notifications for the questions and answers, which will be sent to your inbox.  

Searching for an author or name of the blog can also fetch you the blog link, after clicking it you will receive more updates on it. 

You can even set up email and notifications to receive notifications and customize the frequency of receiving them. 

Every time you log in to the account, you will access the latest blogs, topics, and the people you follow. 

Answer the most appropriate questions 

Answering any question is also a great way to engage with people on a larger scale. But if you’re someone planning out a strategy to answer questions then you might need to keep the following things in mind: 

  • Choose a specific topic so that the questions get streamlined. 
  • Choose a topic most relevant to your business, something that you have recently posted, or for which you have any specialized knowledge. 
  • Select threads with numerous upvotes because they imply that answer many views. You will be able to fetch more viewers and attain more clicks. 
  • Keep searching for new questions so that you can be the first to answer them; this way, your answer will get listed at the top. 

Take up an authoritative approach while answering  

When you start sharing your knowledge on a platform like Quora, you acquire specialization and influence people. A marketer must demonstrate authority over a specific subject if he wants to influence people powerfully. Answering a question to provide more excellent value to the audience is the key to enhancing your influence.  

So, what makes a good answer on Quora? 

A good answer on Quora is probably based on statistics, references, and sources. The answer must be short, precise, and understandable. It should direct you to external resources. 

A good answer could be based on factors such as storytelling (with takeaways), specific focus, personality, and passion for the topic.  

Once you have curated your short, precise, and understandable answer, you must also include a link to the specific reference from which you have taken inspiration. You could provide links to blogs and other long-form content. Make sure that your answer has an excellent format, is specific and focused. 

Reframe the answers you have already provided in the blogs 

Once you have written a piece of content revolving around specific questions, then all you need to do is go back to those questions and find all the answers within your blog. Then collect these already-answered questions and search for them on Quora. You can respond to similar questions on Quora and also share links referring to the blog posts where you had elaborated on the same. 

Develop a unique Quora page for your page 

Firstly, search for your business name on Quora. If you fail to find anything relevant on the search page then click on the right side of the “Add Question” and click further on the option to “Create Topic”. You will then have a chance to specify the topic and even attach a description for the same. 

When your topic goes live, you can also ask the people on Quora to add reviews so that it can help those seeking to invest in subscribing to some service or those looking forward to being involved in a company.  

You can also uplift your brand’s presence on Quora by providing social proof and testimonials.  

Conduct detailed research for topics on Quora 

You must have an idea of people’s interests in Quora and what are the trending topics on Quora relevant to your industry. When you get into the details of these questions, you get to write some brilliant blog posts. 

How do you find such questions which tell you about people’s interests? 

Read and analyze the topics on which you had written your blog posts, and see the question and answers associated with the topic on the Quora platform. Then simply check the threads with the maximum upvotes or conversations. Take them into account as they could provide you with excellent blogs. 

Next, if you have specific ideas explore them on Quora. Are those ideas already being talked about? What can you do with these ideas? You might get a new direction for your ideas. This could put a stamp on your ideas as you will get a reality check through Quora. 

Access crowdsourced content 

Quora is the gateway for not just creative and excellent blog posts but also great story ideas. The best way to do collect crowdsourced content is to request the Quora audience to provide their opinion on a specific topic. Gather all documents and weave all of them into a single blog. 

There are two ways to create questions, one being a general type of question and the other being more specific concerning only certain industry people.  

If your question falls in the second category type you might note the following: 

  • Ensure to pose a real and unique question falling under the appropriate category. Doing so will increase its chances of being found by the right people. 
  • Request particular Quora users to answer questions. 

You must seek Quora users with the following key points in mind: 

  • Ensure that the users have a variety of responses to questions similar to your question. 
  • Must seek an excellent response rate. 
  • Determine the cost and check whether they’re free of charge or they’ll cost you lesser credits. 

Once you become aware of the industry experts you can simply tag them and ask the question directly. When you are done, by receiving all the answers you will obtain all essential sources and inputs. 

Innovative headline expressions 

Similar to google research on headlines, you can also conduct headline research by putting the keywords out there on Quora. 

  • Put the keywords on the Quora search space. 
  • Use the filter to only display questions. 

The result page will display how the questions related to your keyword are being framed. You can utilize this information to reframe your content. The number of answers and upvotes can determine the popularity of questions and once you get to know the popular questions, you’ll be able to re-write headlines for your blog post, whenever required.  

Provide customer support and create a lasting influence 

Quora can significantly benefit you if you’re seeking to establish authority. You can maximize the advantages of Quora by using it to provide significant customer support to your clients and create a lasting influence on existing and potential clients about your products. 

Quora is similar to the benefits of social media platforms because it provides the opportunity to connect directly with customers. 

You might even encounter customers questioning your product and nothing can equal that feeling of receiving a response from that product’s company employee, manager, or CEO. 

Quora statistics- an analysis 

Quora provides you with a breakdown of analytics based on views, upvotes, and shares. Specific categories will also have stats displayed with each of them, such as: 

  • The first category will comprise questions asked by you. 
  • The second category will consist of the answers you provide. 
  • The third category will include written blog posts. 
  • The fourth category will consist of your entire content contribution. 

The answers also display stats about the number of views on each specific answer and who viewed those answers. You will be redirected to the readers who can find your answers by clicking on the hashtag views option. You will also learn about the sources through which your content becomes visible to the users. It could be through your profile, tagged topics, or browsing randomly. 

You can also assess who has viewed your answers through the personal views page.  

Start Quora blogging to make your content more meaningful 

Blogging on Quora is a crucial and advantageous way to add more meaning to your content. Writing blogs and publishing stories are great ways to remain active on Quora. To start with the blogging process, you will require to visit your Quora profile and go to the blog section. You will see an option to create blogs, and name the blog, URL, and description. You can proceed by adding the content of your choice. 

James Clear, a popular blogger, uses this strategy to repurpose the already existing content. Quora is similar to LinkedIn and has a community. You can reshare the posts on other social media networks to get more followers or readers. 

Frame your answers interestingly 

Quora is not akin to the visual network, so incorporating a few visuals in your content could give you a lead on Quora. There are many examples of Quora users adding images for visual appeal and providing enhanced support to their content. 

Photos are also used in uniquely, making them appear as thumbnails next to your answer in the question stream.  

You can also try our Custom Formatting to get increased upvotes and make the content more readable. You could experiment with the following tips on formatting: 

  • Using bold and italicized headings. 
  • Incorporating the use of numbers and bullets for listing purposes. 
  • Hyperlinking of text. 
  • Mentioning Quora users concerning specific topics by adding @-name tags. 


Get an overview of the useful tips for Quora marketers: 

  • Have an innovative profile to help users become aware of you whenever they require information. Let them learn about you through your website or social profiles. 
  • Keep a watch on the latest industry topics and keep posting interesting questions and answers to induce the thoughts of the readers. Create links redirecting to the content on your website to provide more details. Ensure that it doesn’t lead to spam. 
  • Form a relationship with people online by analyzing the most popular answers and also following people based on specific topics.  
  • Contribute valuable content so that your industry people can benefit from the value or information you provide to them. You might share the content on and off Quora and get more followers. 

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