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When companies plan to execute Software development, they are curious to know if Java is still usable and popular. They tend to question if they can rely on Java for their project in 2022. 

According to the standard of the programming language, Java is as old as 26 years until 2022. 

This piece of content answers queries regarding the Java application’s competency level.  

Let’s check Java’s History 

The Green Team, including members from the Java team, initially started a project which focused on digital mediums such as set-top boxes and televisions. 

The term Java is derived from Indonesia, where Java, a type of coffee was produced. Sun Microsystems developed Java in 1995 and James Gosling is known as its father. 

Java is used largely in Windows and Web Applications, Mobile Applications and cards, etc.  

Primary features of Java 

Java Programming Language aimed to create a programming language that was portable, secure, and simple. 

This programming language is considered object-oriented, dynamic, robust, multithreaded, portable, and independent. 

What is a Java Virtual Machine exactly? 

Java Virtual Machines run on various Hardware and Software platforms. JVMs are specification-based and are associated with runtime environments. Java Virtual Machine also performs other functions including loading, verifying, and executing codes. 

Java’s popularity in today’s time 

Java’s popularity is still intact despite completing 26 years. The TIOBE Index reportedly stated Java’s prominence as a programming language. Java has evolved big time to align with the latest innovations in technology and software developments. Approximately 90 % of the companies listed in the Fortune 500 use Java Programming language. 

The Tech Sector having Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Blockchain trending in popularity uses Java as its Programming language. It is also used in Software Development including Web and Mobile Development. 

New Release Cycle for Java  

According to reports, Java updated its release cycle to a new one in 2018. Initially, Java took around a maximum of 6 to 7 years to start a new release cycle but with Java 10 the releases occurred every year in March and September. This further proved Java as an innovative leader. 

Across the globe, work opportunities for Java developers have increased with 8 million people using Java. Java’s extensive usage leads to different organizations using this language for their project development. 

When businesses receive an offer consisting of an extensive workforce, there is a huge possibility of finding the right Java developers who are highly qualified yet affordable. 

Java & the Trending Tech Sector 

Java is a prominent programming language according to the IoT Developer Survey. The software solution developers of IoT devices consider Java to be the most significant programming language. 

Reasons for Java’s immense popularity in IoT are as follows: 

  • Java language is highly portable. 
  • Through Java Virtual Machine’s pre-installation, transferring codes to software packages, chips, or devices is easy. 
  • Cloud Computing, Robotic Vehicles, Big Data, and Augmented Reality are other popular examples, apart from IoT, which largely depend upon Java codes. 

Expert opinion on Java’s future 

Software Development experts are of the opinion that Java is likely to maintain its increasing popularity in the upcoming times as well. 

Java language & its advantages 

  • Java language frameworks emphasize primarily building flexible, powerful, and highly protected software in alignment with modern applications. 
  • These frameworks support advanced streaming apps. 
  • They even encourage healthy functioning in the latest cloud computing within serverless apps. 
  • It would be important to observe whether other languages too prefer JVM, Java Virtual Machine, or not. 
  • Dialects such as Python, Ruby, and JavaScript, apart from dialects such as Kotlin and Scala, use JVM or not. 

 Choosing Java for your upcoming development projects: Good or Bad? 

Java has largely contributed to various IT developments and innovations. With Java completing 26 years it is one of the most optimistic assets in terms of programming language.  

Its usage and popularity continue to grow with time. Consulting an expert and professional team of Java developers will indeed benefit you. For expert guidance, you can contact us. 

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