Top Benefits of Email Marketing
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Top Benefits of Email Marketing

If you are a part of a marketing team, you must have overheard your colleagues talking about email marketing as a dead tool to use nowadays. This has been a challenging issue for many marketing departments. But rest assured, email marketing is still a vital part of marketing strategies and very much a strong method. 40% of the Business 2 Business marketers have reported that newsletters sent via emails are a critical method of seeing success in their content marketing strategy. 73% of them prefer to have communications with a business through emails. 99% of the consumers have said that they tend to check their inbox almost every day and they prefer to receive updates from various brands via emails. These figures should not be ignored, and used to develop a robust strategy for email marketing. Let us look at the top benefits your business will enjoy with the help of an email marketing strategy. 

1. Creation Of Personalised Content 

Email marketing strategies allow you to create content that can be targeted to audiences and personalized. Tailoring the content can be done with small inclusions like including the name of the recipient to make the content and email marketing strategy strong. Emails that carry the name of the person receiving them in the subject itself have a higher rate of being clicked compared to those that do not carry the name and the same content. Individualized content for the audience can also be created with the help of segmentation of the audience, ensuring that the right email is being sent to the right consumers. 

One scenario where this can be helpful is when you need to send different messages to returning customers and new customers. A major benefit of email marketing is that the content can be highly personalized to meet the needs of the audience. An email can vary depending on the images included or the subject line for increasing engagement. The audience can be divided into segments on the basis of their location or engagement level. For success in your email marketing strategy, you will have to send correct emails to the correct audiences at precise times. This is simply doable with the help of customization and segmentation. 

2. Collection Of Feedback And Surveys

Having an eye on the pulse of consumer experience is key in having continued interaction, engagement, and ensuring customers are purchasing from your business. This is doable with the use of email marketing. If surveys are sent to measure customer satisfaction, customer feedback can be obtained to better the email campaigns. One method you can use is calculating the Net Promoter Score. This score is the percentage of customers who are acting as the ambassadors of your brand and the percentage who are acting as detractors. This data can be useful for improving your strategy as well as your customer experience. 

3. Improvement In Sales

Email marketing is an excellent tool and can be helpful in improving sales. 59% of the marketers have found email marketing to be the biggest source of increase in ROI and those who made use of the segmentation strategy have noted up to a 769% increase in their revenue. Products and services can be featured in email marketing campaigns for encouraging customers to make purchases when they have abandoned their carts or for delivering special offers to customers. 

59% of the survey conducted state that emails definitely have an influence on the purchases they make. An email marketing strategy will incorporate content for encouraging the customers to purchase based on what that customer is more likely to buy on the basis of what they have opted to get updated about. Email marketing can also be used to automate different parts of the process of sales to help increase sales. Some free marketing tools are also available that can be automated for sales campaigns and sending automated messages to the customers that the salespeople want to have a follow-up with. 

4. Communication With The Audience

It is important to be continuously improving communication with the customers as a marketer. When the consumers feel that they can communicate with the brand, they become loyal to it. People like to receive good emails. When a good email is received from a lovable brand, it is not considered disruptive, rather it is welcomed. The experience can also become enjoyable and used to keep in touch with the customers to become their favorite brand. Email marketing can be used for reaching more customers and having easy communication with your brand ambassadors. The emails will also increase audience engagement throughout the year, whether the business is slow or busy. 

5. Generation Of Traffic To The Online Site

When great content is produced, email is the best method that can be used for sending it to your audience. Email marketing campaigns can help improve the SEO of the site and increase traffic to it. It also helps in keeping the audience engaged with the brand as well as with the website. Email marketing can be used as a tool to deliver value to the customers by sending content and generating traffic. Links to the content can also be included in the emails, making the audience take action and click on the sites. 

6. Ability To Send Timely Campaigns

Traditional email marketing campaigns can last for a short period of time but take months to plan and get organized. Despite this, it is not guaranteed whether the audience will interact with the campaigns as intended.  An entire campaign can be created on short notice when it comes to email marketing, they do not need a long time of planning. You can also ensure that the audience will see the emails at the correct time. The perfect timing of the email can be achieved with the help of segments. 

7. Increase In Lead Conversion

Along with making improvements in sales, leads can also be increased with the help of email marketing. With the help of the inbound method, emails can help in nurturing leads and improving conversions. A lead magnet can be got online which will then lead to drip emails. This will then increase the number of customers for the sales department, and increase qualifying leads. Email marketing can be useful for qualifying leads to boost sales without wasting time and effort with bad leads. If lead scoring is done, it will help in tracking whether the leads open the emails or are engaging by clicking or taking actions after receiving the emails. 

8. Reach The Audience At Precise Times 

To see success through the email marketing strategy, you have to reach the targeted audience. It is made easier with emails because people check their emails with priority. They can check emails any time of the day, and they can also be accessed through multiple devices, this helps you improve and see the success of your emails marketing strategy. Email marketing will ensure that your brand is in front of the customers regularly, keeping your brand in their mind and reminding them of it. 

9. Production Of Cost-effective Campaigns

Traditional campaigns can include direct marketing or printing campaigns that can be costly. Email marketing is more cost-effective. There is no need to pay for photoshoots, mailing, printing, locations fees, or even placement. A copywriter and an experienced graphic designer are more than enough, and it can even be a one-person team. Email campaigns do not need you to spend large amounts of time designing and planning. An email can be prepared in one day, making it cost-effective compared to the time it can take to organize a print campaign. Constraints on time and budget away tend to have an impact on marketing teams, that is why email marketing campaigns are an effective and efficient way of increasing leads and revenue. 

10. Provide Value To The Audience

The main goal any business has is to deliver value to their customers so that they are always coming back to their brand. Email marketing is the place for cultivating loyal customers because it can be helpful in adding value to the customers’ life even without them making a purchase. Since customers have opted-in for the emails, they can be used to provide content and resources to those who have an interest in your brand and the content you are providing. If continuous value is provided to the customers, people will pay attention to your brand, increasing your ROI. 

11. A Forum For Self-promotion

It may be awkward to promote yourself on certain platforms, especially where customers have not opted to be receiving updates for your brand or about your products. But promoting yourself is the best method to use for attaining customers. If you promote your brand, sell it to your customers, more people will make purchases. Emails marketing is the best Avenue for self-promotion since the audience has opted-in. Emails can be sent about products, new features or updates, benefits, or news since the customer wants to hear from your brand, making self-promotion through emails not disruptive but wanted. 

12. Own Your Media And Contact Lists

With the availability of social networking sites, your business does not own the contact list of the information being posted. The content as well as the list of followers is owned by the social networking platform. Without that platform, you would lose all those customers. A very important part of email marketing is building an email list. The contact list is owned by you, and you will get a chance to interact with those customers irrespective of the email provider. The content in the emails is also owned by you. Email marketing is a top method of reaching your audience and can be helpful in increasing sales and leads. This is the one place where customers want to receive the information you send. 

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