Medical chatbots: Can they be used in Healthcare

Medical chatbots: Can they be used in Healthcare

In today’s time, patients need a more reliable and dependable means of communication that will help them get in touch with the health-related issues and the solutions on a priority basis. The healthcare IT industry has seen a boom in the past two years due to the Covid 19 pandemic. medical Chatbots are designed in such a way that they can fulfill the needs of a patient and increase the quality and availability of healthcare. 

What are the uses of medical chatbots?

  • Instant Care: The chatbot will instantly connect you with a doctor. It will also notify the care units or the paramedics.
  • A health monitor: There is more than just medical assistance, the patient needs to e discharged so this can be virtually monitored by the bots. 
  • A brighter and smarter future –  New technologies are slowly taking over and the medical is gradually moving towards with the doctors on board who are adapting to these. 
  • Scalability – New-age technology can help the healthcare departments deliver better customer service and it won’t need any additional staff.
  • Convenient for a mobile-first consumer base – Mobile phones are used widely by everyone for many things but the medical assistance on the phone has made life easier by offering assistance on call.
  • Improved patient satisfaction – The medical chatbot assistance has made life easier and also has overcome issues like staff shortages with robot assistance. 

These are the ways chatbots can make life easier but what about the challenges that medical staff could face. 

  • Effectiveness – Making sure that people are delivered with best-in-class healthcare is what every doctor works towards. That is why you need to make sure that there is no overload of pop-up windows and ads.
  • User privacy – The internet is full of hackers and cyber attackers, so while building a service you need to make sure that your services are protected from such attacks. Also, alert your users about such threats and notify them on how to be safe.
  • Trustworthiness – Every time someone searches for their symptoms the results are mortifying, so when you are offering these services make sure that your diagnosis is accurate and mortifying to the users. 

Here is a list of the bots that have emerged in 2020 and are aiding people with their health problems. 

One Remission

OneRemission is an oncology application that is enabled with a chatbot that is designed to aid people with cancer and guide them through cancer-related inquiries or problems. Through this app, family members or friends can also learn about the diagnosis and be a part of the improvement. 

Your. MD

One of the most popular healthcare chatbots this app has a database of all the symptoms of every health-related issue. The app is designed in a way that if you list your symptoms it will have a follow-up course of questions that will give you a full assessment of your symptoms.  

Ada Health

Ada health is another set of databases that are dedicated to giving assessments that are accurate. Developed in East Africa, with an aim to improve the accessibility and availability of primary healthcare in the rural parts of the country. 


Sensely is a string of algorithms that matches the patient’s systems to the illness that the patient as described through their symptoms. It can also connect with Bluetooth-enabled health devices that are installed with the patient such as scales and blood pressure monitors. 

It will also suggest to a patient whether self-care is enough or if the patient has to go to a doctor for medical assistance. 

Now let’s come to the future predictions of chatbots and know what are the expectations. 

Right now the industry is swamped with a variety of healthcare chatbots, there could be a  hesitancy towards the analysis of the advanced cases. This could be because of the intimate Artificial Intelligence that is still developing and has a path ahead. With the evolving change in the natural language and the artificial intelligence language, the world will be witnessing a rise in chatbot arrangements and sophisticated healthcare. 

There is no question that the exactness and pertinence of these chatbots will increment also. Yet, successful reception of medical care chatbots will require significantly more than that. A fine harmony between human sympathy and machine insight to create chatbot arrangements that can address the present medical care difficulties.

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