Social media future and the predictions for the coming future

Social media future and the predictions for the coming future


In this digitally revolutionized world where social media is the stage and we are the performers.  Social Media is slowly taking over in the digital empire and is becoming a powerful tool that is not only used for posting pictures or sharing stories with r but rather has become a tool of communication and a digital platform to sell or buy products. 

From buying a piece of fashion to buying a service social media has it all, no one could say a few years back that social media could be used for promotion or purchase. More than 80% of the world’s population has access to the internet and is on social media. More than 50% of businesses have switched to digital platforms and their main tool is social media. 

Small scale businesses to large multinational companies are marketing their services and products on social media. 

The world is rapidly changing and the most important question that comes to everyone’s mind is What will happen next? Will our life completely move into a virtual reality? What could we expect from social media future? How could social media advertisers help us?

The growth  of social media.

The largest social media platform is facebook with 2.4 billion users worldwide.

In the early 2000s the first social media platform to reach a million users was Myspace. When facebook was introduced the social media platform instantly became popular and has ruled the market for over a decade. Back then the idea of buying products or getting services from social media was just a dream but with time…

Social Media now 

Social media gained a much larger platform and with that we got more and more social media platforms. Social media is not only used for  posting pictures or connecting with people , it’s now a hub for businesses and services. From entrepreneurs to high end fashion designers everyone is using instagram as a tool of promoting and selling their clothes, in fact it is not only just clothes but products like furniture, gifts and much more. 

The futuristic idea of social media right now is a dream but soon it could be a reality.

 Future of Social Media 

The impact of covid on social media revolutionized the social industries. Social media users and active subscribers hiked up more than 2019, since everything was shut and there was noacess to the outside world the users actively chose this platform to interact and stay connected with the world. Covid was a cause for a lot of health problems specially mental problems , support groups emerged and became socially active to help the people who needed help. Even now when the world has opened businesses still rely on social media and offer their services through various social platforms. 

How has Social Media become the key to connection?

The current social, economic, and psychological impact of that has been made by covid will continue towards the idea of working from home. 

Communication was never a challenge but now it has become more efficient. The social front of the world will continue to grow expeditiously towards fueling topics and creating a social awareness for conversations. The growth of social media hasn’t stopped in fact it has just only started and is only here to grow furthermore. 

The E-commerce side of Social Media  

Social media marketing, a popular term amongst the social platforms is an enhanced function that over time is popularising. 

In order to stay with the trends in social media E-commerce services have adopted social media marketing to give the finishing touch to the marketing of their products. 

Agencies are coming up with a proper curated guide for your services or products. These guides are here to help you stay ahead and with the trends. 

Creating a social media strategy while using social media marketing

A social media strategy is a well summarised set of rules and guidelines you can follow to implement it on your business so that it grows. 

Creating  social media future strategies


Choose your goals that will help you get  S.M.A.R.T

S- Specific

M- Measurable 

A- Attainable  

R- Relevant 

T- Time-Bound

The SMART goal framework. It will guide you and ensure you are led to business results that you have set for yourself.

Step 2:

Track meaningful metrics

What is the value of your work ? Can you track it ? 

Here’s how

A social Breakdown :

  • Awareness: this metric will help you in creating an awareness of your brand and it’s presence on social media 
  • Engagement: this shows how your brand is dong and what is it social engagement 
  • Conversion: this shows  the effectiveness of your social engagement.
  • Consumer: this  reflects how active customers think and feel about your brand.

Step 3: Know everything about your audience

Your audience is very important and without them your business can’t flourish. They are the key to your success. When selecting your audience you should know their age, location, interests, income. 

Step 4: Conduct a social media audit. While doing so ask yourselves these questions 

  • What’s trending, and what’s not?
  • Who is engaging with your brand ?
  • Which social network is your target audience using?
  • Is your social media presence better than your compared competition?

The last and final step is 

Step 5: Setting up an account and improving your profile 

Once you have decided your social media platform, make sure your social media  has a specific content orientated platform. For eg for the promotion of your product use instagram, for tutorials use snapchat or instagram but for customer services keep your twitter and linkedin account handy. 

Once you use these points you will be a step ahead in this rapid world.  Social media marketing is a one time service you invest in and only gain from it for the  rest of your business days.

Conclusion: Coming to an end, coming to the conclusion that social media is a powerful tool and it might just be mightier than a gun and has power to grasp the attention of millions. So we can adjourn to the fact that social media future would be a revolution that is here to change the way you perceive yourself in front of your target audience. 

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