Comparing Websites and Web Portals
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Comparing Websites and Web Portals

For any business to be successful, its digital presence is really important. Here, we are talking about digital presence in the context of web presence. Web presence includes two main components that are Web Portals and Websites. 

While you define the web presence for your business, you will surely be in a dilemma of choosing the type of web presence your business truly requires. This means simply choosing either a Web Portal or a Website. 

What exactly is a website? 

To simply define a website, it is made up of different web pages or digital files which are written using HTML, HyperText Markup Language. 

For each person to access the Website, Web Servers through the internet connection must store and host these websites. 

Web pages on the websites consist of several hypertexts and hyperlinks. They might as well consist of other files like images and videos along with additional digital documents. 

In today’s tech prone and digitalized world, there are an increased number of websites offering different purposes and even providing solutions. 

Websites could be used as informative tools with the capacity to reach consumers with information. They open the possibility of interacting with different organizations with effective solutions to make them establish their goals. 

Web Portals and their function 

Web portals are portals that are specifically developed with a personalized appearance and feel for specific organizations or a set of individuals. A Web Portal enables multiple channel accessibility from any other electronic devices, smartphones, etc. 

The user using the web portal also has the option to personalize the information available on it. 

Web Portal and its types 

Horizontal Web Portal mainly functions for a larger group of people while Vertical Web Portals function for specific content. 

Classification of web portals is also done depending on their type. For example, knowledge portals, public web portals, market space, and enterprise web portals. 

How are web portals useful? 

  • Web portals are a great way for developing a strong relationship with the users.  
  • They provide easy navigation, enhanced productivity, and cost savings for businesses. 
  • They operate easily on multiple channels.  
  • Applications including business intelligence, e-commerce, or task management features receive full support as well as integration from web portals. 

Difference between Web Portals and Websites 

  • A website focuses on a wider audience. On the contrary, Web portals are more personalized with their focus on a specific group of people. 
  • Website content is not limited to a group of people and anybody can access the content. 
  • Content on a web portal is customized and user-specific and one needs to sign up to access the information. 

Choosing between a Website and Web Portal 

  • Decide your audience- If you would like to cater to a wider audience then you must go ahead with a website. On the other hand, if you want to cater to a limited specific audience then web portals shall support you. 
  • Controlling the content- You need to ask yourself whether you simply want to present information before the audience by managing content or you want to check and analyze user behavior in terms of the kind of content they read. In the former case, websites are useful while in the latter case web portals will prove useful. 
  • How does the IT Ecosystem work? Websites will not make a good choice if you are not looking for application integration. Web Portal is more specifically built to provide solutions and work consistently in a logical way with the other third party or business applications as well as applications functioning internally. 

How to know the right option? 

Deciding which option to choose between a website and web portal entirely depends on your business goals and needs.  

Websites are beneficial for attracting traffic, and increasing sales and customers whereas web portals serve as a great choice for businesses looking forward to developing a brand reputation and customer loyalty with respect to their existing customers. You can also collaborate with other vendors or business people effectively through web portals. 

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