Building the best team for Web Development
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Building the best team for Web Development

Embarking on a project for Web Development all alone would not be a good idea. The reason behind this is that developing Web applications is not a one-way task, it involves several steps and so practically it cannot be done by one person. 

Since professional expertise is required for all the tasks involved, building a good team for Web Development becomes essential. 

A good Web Development team means that all the people are individual experts in their team with an aptitude to handle their specified fields with perfection and ease. 

How to create the best web development, team? 

When we talk about a good team, what that means is the type of skill set required along with other talents and roles. 

Different roles act together in a web development team, such as Project Managers, UI/UX Designers, Project Architects, Web Developers, and QA & Testing Specialists. 

Role of a Project Manager 

To hire a Project Manager for Web Development projects, development companies must keep the following points in mind: 

  • A Project Manager must be a strong leader with effective communication skills. 
  • For a successful Web Application Development team, the Project Manager must be capable enough to take complete control of the web development projects
  • He not only manages the team but also communicates with the clients to check their requirements. 
  • He takes care of the proper time schedule of the project. 
  • He is the one who allocates different tasks to the teammates as per their potential and expertise. 
  • He should be able to express his ideas or beliefs with clarity. He should be passionate about his work. 
  • He should be tolerant of another person’s perception and should have the capacity to listen to others with understanding. 


Role of a Project Architect 

With different types of Web Apps, it is important to comprehend the type of architecture and design for each Web App.  

  • A Project Architect is adept at handling each Web app type separately. 
  • By conversing with the clients, he might get an idea about the architecture type which is required based on their business goals. 
  • Once the architecture is approved, the architect could also work partially although he keeps control of integrating web apps and data exchange (front and backend). 

Role as a Web Developer 

  • Front and back-end development: web apps require separate individuals to manage these. 
  • Front-end development: Front-end developers enforce user interaction by creating visual layouts. Every Front-end developer must possess knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, Java, Full Stack JavaScript, CSS, Problem Solving, etc. Additionally, several technological frameworks create great websites. These frameworks include Bootstrap, Foundation, AngularJS, etc. 
  • Back-end development: Back-end developers work towards a website’s core, its brain. Until and unless the behind-the-scenes of a website functions perfectly the front-end components won’t run successfully. It uses the front-end data, corrects, and re-sends it to the front-end. 
  • Database Development: It is a part of the server system and so the tasks involved in this are also handled by the Backend developers. 

UI/UX Designers & their Role  

  • UI/UX Designers are individuals who need to have strong logical, analytical, and psychological skills with an ability to design naturally. They must be excellent Graphic Designers. 
  • Understanding the user’s perspective is at the core of their responsibilities. 
  • They can’t work with a narrow mindset so they need to explore more and be willing to accept suggestions. 
  •  A UI/UX Designer creates different varied faces of the user- interface. 
  • The user-interface designs must appear visibly better after each revision. 
  • They must provide useful web design services to the users. 
  • They conduct detailed research and analysis regarding the future expectations of the user. 

Work of a Quality Assurance and Testing Specialists 

  • Quality Assurance Specialists ensure proper evaluation and testing of software programs and take control of the entire web development process. 
  • They take charge of reviewing, verifying, and revising the web designs of programs. 
  • They make sure that the web designs are responsive
  • They also ensure a high-quality standard of each web app for professional web development. 
  • They carry out the QA process systematically before each development stage. 
  • Testing Specialists ensure that the functioning of each web application is as per requirement. 
  • They also make sure that the web apps function properly on different popular web browsers. 
  • Testing Specialists are expected to address all the issues as per the user’s perspective to maintain the validity of the web app project. If they fail to deliver the above, they might face a huge Web App failure. 


When a specialized expert with considerable experience handles all the development stages of a Web Application, it surely gives the desired result with a great We App built at its core. To build a professional Web App Development team, each of the team members must specialize in their field and work together. 

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